On the seventh day, God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work. And God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy, because it was the day when he rested from all his work of creation.

-Genesis 2:2-3

Genesis 2:1-4

The Story of Creation 

We live in a very fast-paced, busy and stressful society where we want things done NOW! We become frustrated when we have to wait in lines or when we get delayed at red lights. Even after working overtime at work, we take more work home with us so we can work some more. Although working hard is valuable and admirable, God tells us that we should take time to rest too. On the seventh day, God rested after finishing all of His creation. We are told to do the same.

Taking time to rest is all about giving yourself self-care. In order to get our work done and to be examples of Christ to others, we must take care of ourselves by allowing ourselves to rest. When God rested on the seventh day, He blessed it and claimed the day to be holy. When we take the time to rest, we are being obedient to God. When we love and care for ourselves by resting, we should take time to think about God’s incredible love for us as well.




  1. How often do I take time to rest?
  2. Why does God want me to rest?
  3. Take some time to rest today. While you are resting, think about all of God’s creation and thank Him for all He has made.