Then Philip began with that very passage of Scripture and told him the good news about Jesus. Acts 8:35

Acts 8:26-40

There is a reason the majority of people have a fear of public speaking – it is scary! We fear fumbling over words, forgetting what we are supposed to say, embarrassing ourselves in some way and, perhaps worst of all, inviting judgment from the people watching us. It can be one of the most terrifying things to share something in front of a group and even vulnerability on a smaller scale can cause palms to sweat.

When it comes to sharing the Good News with someone, you might be thrilled at the thought or your heart might start to race in nervous anticipation. It can be scary to talk about Jesus because not everyone is ready or willing to hear it. Sharing about His love could cause judgment and bring up many of those same fears of public speaking: What if I fumble over my words? What if I don’t know enough information? What if I embarrass myself?

In Acts 8, the Holy Spirit prompts Philip to approach the Ethiopian man and share Christ with him. Philip may have had some hesitations internally, but Scripture says that upon hearing this command from the Holy Spirit, Philip “ran up” to the man and began to explain God’s Word to him. He did not let fear stop him or his thoughts of disapproval get in the way.

Philip knew that the power of the Holy Spirit was with him and, because of this, He was able to interpret the Word of God to the Ethiopian man in an easy, understandable way. When the man did not understand the words he was reading, the Holy Spirit intervened through Philip and used him to help the man come to faith and ultimately be baptized into God’s family! God can use us to share the gospel in the same way. Even when we are scared or cannot find the words, the Holy Spirit is always there to help guide and speak through us.

Questions to think about:

  1. Is there someone who helped lead you to Christ?
  2. Have you ever shared the Good News with someone? How did they respond?
  3. How does the Holy Spirit’s presence give you confidence?