Joshua Crossing the Jordan River | I can believe that God will do more than I could ever imagine

“Meanwhile, the priests who were carrying the Ark of the Lord’s Covenant stood on dry ground in the middle of the riverbed as the people passed by. They waited there until the whole nation of Israel had crossed the Jordan on dry ground.” Joshua 3:17

Joshua 3:14-17 

Small steps are required before doing big things. Olympic athletes start at the beginning just like everyone else. They learn to swim before they win the big race or they hobble out on the ice and try not to fall before they continue to craft their skill and go on to compete in figure skating. These small steps teach us what we need to know before we can succeed down the road, and eventually, these small steps can lead to more success than we ever thought possible.

Big things come after we learn the basics.

God uses these small steps to grow us. He teaches us more about Him and His power by stretching our faith. God gave Joshua instructions to cross the Jordan river – a large, powerful river. He was scared, but God told him to let go of his fear and believe that God was in control. Joshua and the Israelites had to take a small step before God performed a huge miracle. They had to enter the river before He separated the water and cleared the way for them.

This was a test and God used this to stretch their faith by ultimately providing more than they expected. God wants to do big things in your life too, but in order to see those things, you need to take small steps of faith along the way. He will do more than you could ever imagine if you believe in His plan.

Questions to think about:

  1. How might God be testing your faith right now?
  2. What is one small step you can take toward trusting God?
  3. Has God ever gone above and beyond what you expected of Him? Trust that He will do it again.