Jesus Turns Water Into Wine

When the master of the feast tasted the water now become wine, and did not know where it came from (though the servants who had drawn the water knew)…” (John 2:9)

John 2:1-11

Sometimes it seems silly to pray for the small things when there are such big, significant things happening around the world. A work presentation, a sick pet or being stuck in traffic may seem like the last thing on God’s mind in comparison to what someone else might be going through. But Jesus’ empathy is not conditional. He can care just as much about your “small” problem as He can about someone else’s “big” problem because it is not small to Him. Nothing is too small for God.

In Jesus’ first miracle, He proves to us that He cares about the small things. When the wedding in Cana ran out of wine, Jesus’ mother asked Him to help. He told her, “That’s not our problem.” It was not yet time for Jesus to reveal His power, especially in such a trivial way. But Jesus knew that this was important to her so He instructed the servants to fill nearby jars with water, which would then be turned to wine by His supernatural hand and presented to the bridegroom.

This was the first miracle Jesus performed and it set the precedence for all miracles to come as a way for Jesus to show He cares for His people, provides for them in miraculous ways and uses miracles to portray His power.

Jesus’ first miracle shows that He cares about every part of our lives – even the things that seem insignificant to us. When you start to worry that God does not care or does not have the time for you, remember He wants to be a part of each aspect of your life and nothing is too small for Him.

Questions to think about:

  1. Are there parts of your life that you have not invited God to be a part of, big or small?
  2. Is there something you are worried about that seems too insignificant for Him?
  3. Make a list of everything on your mind and pray for God to reveal Himself in those areas.