• Sandy
    My boys are so excited to come to church.  They love Sundays because of Saddleback.  They ask me, “Is it Sunday today???”  When I tell them it is they say, “Yes!”
  • Liz
    We moved to the area a few years ago so that our kids could participate in more church activities. Since then our 6th grader has started serving on the Weekend Welcome Team and loves to greet first-time guests and work with the amazing team of students and volunteers. All our girls have developed close connections with friends and teachers at church. They love to come each week!
  • Stephen
    For me and William, volunteering at Saddleback Kids is our favorite time of the week. We feel nothing but excitement and love as we walk up those stairs every Saturday evening knowing that we will impact at least one kid during the service. Our main goal is to help the students laugh out loud and live to love.
  • Nancy
    The Saddleback Kids weekend worship time, Bible Study and fellowship has been a blessing to our family. My kids have enjoyed their Sunday service leaders so much that our kids asked to give back by becoming leaders themselves!  We serve as a family every Sunday and it is a priority and a gift to share our faith and love of God with other families every week.  
  • Kim
    Saddleback Kids has made Macey excited for Sundays as she loves to see the kids she serves, and the friends she serves with.
  • Hannah
    Saddleback Kids has helped our daughter, Rachel, to learn what it means to serve others with a compassionate heart.
  • Kristin
    Ever since my son, Luke, has been going to Saddleback Kids, he loves to pretend he is a worship leader at home, singing songs of worship. Saddleback Kids has made the activities and learning about the Bible fun that my son, Jackson, is excited about going to church each Sunday morning.
  • Christy
    Growing up at Kid Service Group helped them in their spiritual growth! Their compassion in helping others through serving plays a big role in their life! We are blessed to raise these two wonderful children with a deep understanding of loving Christ by loving others!