Joy Comes In The Morning

If you wear cologne or perfume, you probably have not given much thought to how it is produced other than wondering why it is so expensive. That is pretty much the case with me until I came across some interesting information in my reading this weekend. Just a little to the south of the Balkan […]

Finishing Strong

Many of you watched the Olympics and while I am typically not all that excited about the Olympics, I am intrigued by some of the stories connected to the Olympics. I always feel so bad for the athlete who loses his or her event by one tenth of a second or sometimes even less. Think […]

Don’t Cross The Line

As I was driving yesterday, I came to an intersection with a sign that read, “stay behind the line.” The more common version of that phrase is something we have heard all our lives, “don’t cross the line.” Typically, when someone “crosses the line” it means they have gone from one situation or activity to […]

I Have an Agenda

Many parents are intimidated by the fact that the Bible says parents are the primary people responsible for the discipleship of their kids. They think, “I’m not a pastor. I didn’t go to seminary. I’m just a mom or dad.” Well, I’ve decided to begin a grass roots campaign at my church that will generate […]