Leading Your Child

Child Dedication

Child Dedication is a special ceremony where parents publicly commit to guide their child towards a personal relationship with Jesus. Prior to participating in our Child Dedication ceremony, we require parents to attend Child Dedication Class to learn more about this special experience. For upcoming class dates at your campus, please contact:

Lake Forest: NatashaM@saddleback.com

All other campuses: SaraB@saddleback.com

Leading My Child To Christ

While there are many milestones child will reach throughout their life, the most significant will be the moment they decide to accept God’s gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ. One of the greatest joys we have been entrusted with as the primary spiritual influencer in our homes is helping to lead our kids towards this life transforming decision. We have a great tool called, How To Become A Christian, that will help you guide your child in making that decision. It’s as easy as A-B-C!

Did your child decide to follow Jesus at home with you? If so, we would love to know about it in order to send your child a note to congratulate them and information on their next steps! Contact us at saddlebackkids@saddleback.com

Kids Baptism

Baptism is an outward act which publicly shows the personal decision you made to follow Jesus. At Saddleback we baptize the same way Jesus himself was baptized, through full immersion. Has your child expressed an interest in being baptized? Then we would love to have you and your child join us at our next Kids Baptism Class at your Saddleback Church home campus! During Baptism Class your child will learn about God’s plan of salvation through Jesus, what Baptism is and why Jesus commands his followers to be baptized. For upcoming class dates, please contact:


My Journey With Jesus

My Journey with Jesus is a four-part curriculum set designed to help your child to learn more about God’s Purpose for their lives. By working through each booklet your child will better understand what it means to KNOW Jesus, GROW in a relationship with Jesus, SERVE Jesus and SHARE Jesus.