Jesus was telling a group of people and His disciples why we don’t need to worry about anything. Jesus told them that if God takes care of the lilies, He will certainly meet our needs. We can trust that God will take care of us.


But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you. – Psalm 56:3


Matthew 6:25-34

Look at the Lilies

Jesus was talking to several people, including His disciples, when one individual asked Him about money. Jesus told this person that our treasure is not on Earth, it is in Heaven. Jesus then turned to one of His disciples and explained that this is why you do not need to worry about everyday life. Jesus continued to make His point by giving an example of how the ravens do not plant or harvest food because our Heavenly Father feeds them. Since we are by far more valuable to God than the birds, we can be confident in knowing that God will take care of us. Jesus then gave another example by talking about how the lilies grow. They do not need to work or make their own clothing because God takes cares of them. If God meets their needs, He will certainly meet ours. Jesus said not to worry about these things—for God will give us everything we need.

Jesus gave us so many beautiful examples of how God will always take care of us. If He takes care of the lilies that will be thrown away tomorrow, we can take comfort in knowing that He will definitely take care of us. He loves and cares for us far more deeply than any flower or animal. We can have a grateful heart, knowing that God will keep His promises and that He will meet all our needs. God wants us to seek His kingdom and to focus on Him instead of our worries. We can put our complete hope and trust in Him.

Trust God.



1. What do I worry most about?
2. Why does God not want us to worry?
3. How do I usually cope with my worries and stress?
4. How can I lift up my worries to God?
5. How can I remind myself to have an attitude of gratitude?